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Be a great big brand strawberry

Branding Agency Brighton & Hove loves asking this question: Why are strawberries red? And what the pip has that got to do with marketing? Bear with…

Birds know that red berries are the ripest and tastiest. Strawberries have evolved to advertise their tastiness by changing colour to an intense red. What’s in it for them? Birds eat the fruit, can’t digest the seeds and scatter them around the area.

This made us think. We’re all in business to attract attention and get picked. Right? The trick is making sure it’s us that customers want to pick.

And that’s where branding comes in.

Branding Agency Brighton & Hove
Branding Agency Brighton & Hove

This is not the time to be shy

Your logo is a visual shortcut which reminds people who you are. There’s a famous study which shows the more someone sees a picture or name, the more likely they are to pick it.

Familiarity leads to trust. And subconsciously, when faced with a choice, we choose the more familiar name. It’s automatic.

That’s how branding works. It’s not that the Mona Lisa is the best picture in the world.

It’s just that we’ve seen it the most times. It’s familiar. And this logic applies to your brand.

Rebrand it and they will freak

Every so often the press reports some company rebranding costing eleventy bazillion quids, Just think Facebook

And the crowd goes crazy. ‘

What a waste of money’ they squeal.

We design corporate identities for businesses like yours every week.

For a lot less than eleventy bazillion quids.

But let’s think about your logo for a moment – How many times will it be seen?

Branding Agency Brighton & Hove
Branding Agency Brighton & Hove

The magic £0.0001 per view

You should be proud of your logo. And liberally plaster it everywhere.

Branding Agency Brighton & Hove advise is you’ll definitely use it on your website, your business cards and your stationery. You’ll use it on your brochures, folders and price lists.

You might even use it on billboards, signage, vehicles or uniforms.

Over its life, how many times will it be seen? How many people drive past your premises each hour?

How many visit your website each day? How many punters do you serve each week? How many mailers do you post each month? Your logo could be seen MILLIONS of times each year.

It’s sooo much more than a logo

Some people think a “brand” is just a logo.

Got a logo? That’s my branding done. Tick. That was easy!

But it’s much more than that. Your brand is how customers describe you to their friends.

It’s the way you answer your phone. The way your website reads. The language in that handwritten sign in your reception.

How your team react when a customer walks into your place. It’s how you make them feel.

Branding Agency Brighton & Hove
Branding Agency Brighton & Hove

Customers are just the start

You might be hiring staff right now, or have plans to in the future.

Your brand matters here too.

The marketplace for talent is competitive.

Applicants will be deciding whether they fit into your tribe. Whether your brand matches their beliefs.

Customers might have seen your website from Hove SEO Services To attract and retain the best talent, your brand story is important.

Before you get to pick them, they’re choosing whether to pick you.

How can we help your brand?