Fabric exhibition stands

Catch the eye of the customers at your next event with fabric exhibition stands!

There is no doubt that traditional banner stands will always have their place, but it’s also a fact that there are very obvious drawbacks of using them. The very first drawback is that its presence is everywhere and your message can get lost in the cluster of similar displays.  The second drawback is the print on it loses its freshness quickly making it less attractive and appealing.

If you are looking for the best alternative to the standard and traditional exhibition stands, then you should definitely try the fabric exhibition stands. It is a new concept which is gaining popularity and many companies are using it to showcase their services and products in showrooms or exhibitions.

The latest technology is used in printing the fabric exhibition stands to provide the unique and mesmerizing backdrop display at the exhibition.

Fabric exhibition stands come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs like hop up stand, circular hanging display, curved backdrop stand, straight pop up stands and much more. In short, there are fabric stands to meet all your standard requirements. On your fabric exhibition stands, you can choose to have the single sided graphics or the double sided graphics if it is going to be visible from all the angles. 

Fabric exhibition stands have some of the amazing benefits that are hard to ignore:

    Eye-catchy and lasts longer

The fabric exhibition stand comes in a wide variety of unique shapes and they can’t be damaged easily as there are no chances of creasing or tearing. The best part is that it looks beautiful every time you use it. They are machine washable and this will make it last longer and save you from replacing it very often.

    Compact and easily transportable

The fabric can be easily folded and rolled up tightly and is extremely light weight which makes it very convenient to store it  and transport, especially for the exhibitions held outstation or abroad

    No ugly joints

As the fabric exhibition stands are produced in one piece, there are zero chances of unsightly panel joints.

So, make yourself stand out amongst others at your next expo with nettl’s new exhibit range of fabric exhibition stands and emphasize your message.

Nettl.com has the up-to-date, high-end and direct-to-fabric printing technology, which you cannot find with anyone else.  You can take a look at our standard fabric exhibition stands, and if that doesn’t suit your needs, we also offer tailored exhibition stands. You can tell your ideas to our talented technicians and they will turn them into a fantastic fabric reality.

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